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A.P. Swann is a leading provider of insurance services for the nation’s finest trade and professional associations, certification boards, affinity groups and other member-based organizations. We have established partnerships with associations and affinity groups of all sizes and firmly secured our position as leaders in providing insurance and surety products throughout the United States.

At A.P. Swann, we derive continual success by partnering our clients with top-rated insurance carriers and delivering financially sound programs and policies. We offer insurance solutions for association and affinity group headquarters, businesses, and individual consumers. Our products are delivered using the most sophisticated technology available in the marketplace, combined with one of the industry’s leading customer service centers.

A.P. Swann continues to develop web-based insurance software solutions that integrate with current client systems and carrier interfaces. These applications are less expensive than traditional client/server products and eliminate the need to develop and support expensive, in-house systems. All hardware and software, as well as disaster recovery, are managed by in-house specialists who have solid experience in application hosting and maintenance. This approach allows us to deliver the best products to our clients, while allowing these clients to remain focused on their core business activities.

A.P. Swann is not an IT company, but rather an insurance organization that specializes in developing IT solutions. A team of insurance professionals working alongside highly skilled programmers create these technologies. This is why our systems are considered to be among the most robust systems available today, along with responding to the exact needs of the insurance industry.

A.P. Swann Experience

A.P. Swann is a consultant, insurance broker, program administrator and marketer for many of this country’s leading organizations. The A.P. Swann team of industry, technology and business specialists have the experience and insight to administer top-quality insurance programs that benefit the organization and its participants equally.

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